Ionic v3 menu and navigation

Hi i have ionic v3 app with masterpage which contains the navigation: master.html:

<ion-menu [content]="mycontent" id="mainMenu" persistent="true">
		<ion-toolbar color="profitDark">

	<ion-content class="list">
			 <button ion-item menuClose (click)="openPage(companiesPage)" detail-none no-lines [ngClass]="amIShown(companiesPage)">
				{{ 'MENU.COMPANIES' | translate }}
			<button ion-item menuClose (click)="openPage(dashboardPage)" detail-none no-lines [ngClass]="amIShown(dashboardPage)">
			<button ion-item menuClose (click)="openPage(partnersPage)" detail-none no-lines [ngClass]="amIShown(partnersPage)">
				{{ 'MENU.PARTNERS' | translate }}

<ion-nav #mycontent [root]="rootPage" name="masterNav"></ion-nav>

and in master.ts

  openPage(p) {
    this.rootPage = p;

Everything works fine, the side menu buttons are working. But there is one problem. I want to change the page from the companies page to the dashboard page

I have tried setRott(DashboardPage), the page has changed, but in the side menu it stays on the companiesPageā€¦

That means, after selecting companie on CompaniesPage it goes to DashboardPage (loads data), and if i want to go back to companies page it stays on the DashboardPageā€¦

It looks like, the rootPage in masterpage stays CompaniesPage

Is there any solution to acces the function in masterpage from the CompaniesPage?

Thank you