Ionic v3 + Creator best practices


I cannot find a good tutorial or documentation about how to import an ionic creator project to an ionic project created by CLI.

I downloaded the zip project from creator and pasted everything inside www folder. Now when I run ionic serve --lab it always get the index.html and pages from src folder.

What are the best practices to import an ionic creator project to an ionic v3 project created by CLI?


Ionic 2+ (includes 3) has its code in src that is then compiled to www when you run ionic serve or any other command that builds the project. If you have any *.ts files (as you should with an Ionic 2+ project) these all belong in there.

If you don’t have any of these, you have a v1 project in Creator and have to create a v1 project with the CLI.

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Ok. If I create a new project in creator it will be updated to v2+ ? Or will I work only with v1 if I have a free account?


No idea, no experience or knowledge about Creator. But read this: