Ionic v2 with Visual studio issues

I just started my new project with alpha ionic, and since i never work with typescript i have some issues.
I cant figure out how to run import {Page} from ‘ionic/ionic’; it shows error

Error 38 Cannot find module ‘ionic/ionic’. \www\app\Competitions\AllCompetitions.ts 2 51 FlymarkMobile

I am experiencing the issue on Webstorm (and the terminal for that matter), so its not a VSC issue.

TSC seems to have issues finding the typescript module (at least for me auto complete in the editor as well as the transpilation to js still works).

You might be able to ignore this one for now (until it is clear why this is appearing). I couldn’t really figure out what messed up the paths between now and two weeks ago.

This worked for me. Not sure it is correct though.

import {…} from ‘ionic-framework/ionic’;