Ionic-v2 Insights

Got a couple of questions:

Is Ionic Insights a pro feature?
If it’s not a pro feature how do navigate to see the insights?
Anyone know if it works in Ionic View app?

Willing to pay for pro, just need to know.

To be honest, I think Ionic Insights is not supported any more: (nothing present about “Insights”)

Where did you learn about the service?
What problem do you want to solve?

Yeah, it was hard to find stuff about Insights. I found this for Ionic v2 - so I thought perhaps there was some hope for Insights since it was in a fairly new version of Ionic.

I learned about this service a long time ago when Ionic was just starting.

The problem I am trying to solve is monitoring usage on a prototype app in Ionic View. It seems Google Analytics doesn’t work in Ionic View so I am exploring other options (looking into AWS Mobile Analytics).