Ionic v1 (yes, I know, 4 is out) and API 29

Dear all,

First post… for an old app… We are currently maintaining an app (that we have written) that is running AngluarJS, Cordova 6.4 and IONIC v1.
Google is starting to warn about API 29 needs to be used in order to submit new apps.
I can’t find out, how to do the migration. I am currently on API 26.
Any hints or help would be greatly appreciated. And if any duplicates, please let me know.


Get a backup of the app. Update your Android studio and install api 29 SDK, remove and re-add platforms and cordova again

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Hi @thesourav.
I appreciate you took time to answer. I effectively did so !
I upgrade all the tools. I started an app from scratch and imported all my code.
Thanks again, and problem is solved.

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