Ionic-v1 app will not launch on iOS: "StoreKitUIServi:429 has active assertions beyond permitted time"

This problem did not start until updating to the latest XCode a few days ago.

I have an app that builds and runs for Android with no issue. However, building/archiving it in iOS succeeds, but then does not run on any devices. The app is greyed out and does not launch.

Target iOS version is 9, it is being run on two iPhones with iOS 12. I am building, archiving, and then exporting for Enterprise use (not on the itunes store), and distributing internally through the same web server we’ve had since our first release in 2016.

I have a full stack trace from one of the devices, but it’s 1200 lines long, and I will upload it if needed. Here is an excerpt from it which I figured would be the most relevant:

"incident" : "AA68D1B7-5768-4775-A9A6-C40B2069D30B",
  "crashReporterKey" : "930f6e88b75978abf899704c57301dbd5afabf18",
  "date" : "2019-05-02 15:05:09.64 -0400",
  "reason" : "StoreKitUIServi:429 has active assertions beyond permitted time: \n<BKProcessAssertion: 0x10476a480; \"\" (finishTask:180s); id:…980DB2CA24FC> (owner: StoreKitUIServi:429), <BKProcessAssertion: 0x104769180; \"\" (finishTask:180s); id:…7007DC24EB22> (owner: StoreKitUIServi:429)\n\nElapsed total CPU time (seconds): 66.480 (user 66.480, system 0.000), 19% CPU \nElapsed application CPU time (seconds): 0.002, 0% CPU\n",
  "frontmostPids" : [
  "exception" : "0x8badf00d",
  "absoluteTime" : 195438776547,
  "thermalData" : {"sensors":[0],"thermalLevel":0},
  "memoryStatus" : {"compressorSize":19758,"compressions":139176,"decompressions":59814,"busyBufferCount":0,"pageSize":16384,"memoryPressure":false,"memoryPages":{"active":41594,"throttled":0,"fileBacked":36351,"wired":17135,"purgeable":1752,"inactive":37567,"free":1948,"speculative":4537}},
  "processByPid" : {
    [redacted to fit in character limit]
    "52" : {
  "timesThrottled" : 39,
  "pageIns" : 11558,
  "donatingPids" : [
  "waitInfo" : [
    "thread 845: mach_msg receive on port set 0xa9e5a8a03da80bcb",
    "thread 1566: mach_msg receive on port set 0xa9e5a8a03da8344b",
    "thread 1594: mach_msg receive on port set 0xa9e5a8a03da835cb",
    "thread 1757: mach_msg receive on port set 0xa9e5a8a0407e1a6b",
    "thread 1835: mach_msg receive on port set 0xa9e5a8a0407e16ab",
    "thread 2008: mach_msg receive on port set 0xa9e5a8a0407e26cb",
    "thread 2277: semaphore port 0xa9e5a8a0412f44f3 owned by pid 52",
    "thread 24490: mach_msg receive on port set 0xa9e5a8a03e7da9cb"
  "timesDidThrottle" : 84,
  "frontmost" : 1,
  "procname" : "SpringBoard",
  "copyOnWriteFaults" : 529,

The part about iTunes is weird. I don’t know of any part of this ionic app that relies on itunes, except for cordova-sqlite-plugin, which was configured to save to the “Documents” folder (requiring syncing with iTunes). Today I changed it to save to “Library” which does not require iTunes. However the previous setting never caused issues before, so I don’t think this is it.

These are all the plugins I have installed:

I have done a full grep through my project directory for references to itunes, but the above mentioned part about sqlite was the only thing I could find.