Ionic user-to-user chat conceptual question


I need to make a user-to-user chat within my application.
basic functionality - sending messages, sending pictures.

I’ve seen various samples using the or firebase. Prefer to use firebase, as i already use it in my app for social authentication. But don’t really know what exactly to use it for :smiley: in the open source samples i’ve seen it’s simply used for DB func.

However, generally this app is a part of bigger product - we have own back-end on Spring / Django.

I didn’t find a clear algorithmic / structural description of what do i need to make a proper user-to-user chat.

The question is - what are the steps to make the user-to-user chat? what tools to use for listening for new messages on client/server side? do i have to use

For now my understanding of ‘parts’ is:

  • messages are stored in my DB. simply in one table, with the schema like (from, to, message, image, timestamp)
  • chat page - showing an interface, listening to new messages(how?) , sending messages.
  • firebase push notifications in send message events.

looks pretty simple, but i just want to confirm that this is the right understanding :slight_smile: