Ionic use in China area


I was wondering if Ionic is pulling any dependencies from sites like google?

The reason why I ask this is because I am building an app that will be used in China. For some past websites that I built, I would pull jquery libraries or other dependencies from the internet (google apis etc.), which wouldn’t work in China because google is banned in China.

Can somebody answer this question?.. Thank you so much!


你是想问Ionic 官方网站还是什么?你可以试试 vpn,速度虽然有时候不是很理想,但是基本可以解决问题了。
另外这里有一个Ionic中文社区, 欢迎来这里和中国地 ionic 开发者一起讨论学习。


Why would you want to grasp libraries from internet in a hybrid app where we have local storages ? Ionic itself is just js and css files (css only quotes some fonts file which is also locally), these two files together are really tiny (<3mb). No dependencies are online grasping for official libraries.

Please just include them locally as official templates did.

Or did I misunderstood what you want?


They should be included locally as these apps are downloaded; @windht is right on target.

If you’re referring to downloading content, there’s probably some way you can do it through VPNs or unrestricted servers, but you may run into extraneous legal trouble that we likely can’t help you here.