Ionic unable to initializing Cordova project

I recently installed ionic in my Windows 7 x64 bit machine. But whenever I start an ionic project, Ionic freezes for like 50s when it shows:

Updating Config.xml
Initializing cordova project

and then skips to:

Your Ionic project is ready to go!

Below is a screenshot of my console

And also ionic build command does not execute.

Please any help is highly appreciated. I just want to get started with ionic.

My guess is it isn’t freezing, it is downloading and installing all the necessary files. Did you follow the commands it listed?

cd ionicTabApp
ionic serve?

yep it seems that it is freezing but it is downloading and installing in the background. It takes sometimes veeeery long…^^

there should be a folder ionicTabApp --> you need to go to that folder:

cd ionicTabApp

only there you can run the other ionic commands because they are project dependent.
Annnnd before you try to build your app --> you must add a platform (on windows and linux you can only build android apps).