Ionic Template Suddenly Destroied


I’m developing an app with Ionic Framework. It was almost complete, it was all working, when suddenly, deploying my app on my Note2, a template was TOTALLY DESTROIED. I’m talking about template products.html .
Here the result on visualization in Google Chrome Dev Tool and Here the result of visualization on My Note2
The very strange thing is that this templete looks totally RIGHT on the PC, while on smartphone it looks as you saw. I’m REALLY desperate, I don’t know how todo. I’m trying EVERYTHING by 2 days: new projects, other CSS, nothing worked. Notice that it SUDDENLY stopped working. Creating a new project does not help me!

Here’s the code of the template products.html:

Please let me know if you need something else.

Some additional infos: we’re using Git to commit changes, and we’ve added the folder “platform” to the repo…was this a good strategy?


Have you tried changing the items width from 100% or adding a margin on the right of the item?