Ionic tap event conflicting with d3 event

Hi there,

Im having an issue with panning and zooming a d3 graph within the ionic framework. It works fine until you tap the screen (on the graph) and then it seems to get stuck at that position. The graph might move initially but pulls back to where the screen was tapped. Ive only tested this on my android phone, so it might only be an issue on android.

The link to this d3 example works fine on a mobile browser i.e. when you tap the graph, and continue to swipe or pan it does as expected, but not when added as directive in a basic ionic app.

Any thoughts what this could be. Ive tried data-tap-disabled=“true” on the element which has the d3 directive, and also on the ion-content. But no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ive added the example here. Works fine until you do a ionic run android my Android phone. And then the tap event causes the panning problem.

Any progress on that issue?

I created a pull request to fix the problem. Now it is accepted:

So hopefully in the version 1.2, this problem would be eliminated.