Ionic Tabs and Navigation Template problem In Android 4.4.2

Hi Ionic Team. I have checked the Tabs and Navigation demo on codepen:

and made myself a test, and when building in phonegap and deploying in my phone (LG G2 android 4.4.2)

I saw two things that looks strange.

  1. the button “Scientific Facts” gets cut and becomes two lines height, instead of the one line button it is supposed to be, I don’t know why, maybe wrapping code somewhere not optimized.

  2. The color of the background in the tabs in the demo itself is blue, but after phonegap build, the tabs have a white background and a blue border on top of the active tab (i actually like it), but i don’t understand why this happenes…

Do I need to do anything special so the code i see in chrome desktop for the demos will be the same after android phonegap build or is this a known issue?

thanks for your time,