Ionic supported Rich Text editor anything available?


Text angular & tinymce - Website document mention it support only in ionic 1

CKEditor - Ckeditor installed in my project via npm, also component imported in app.module.ts
While i run it throws ckeditor is not defined

anyone share your suggestion regarding this.

Thanks advance.

Is ng2-ace-editor support in ionic 2?

hi @pandiyaraj678, did you find an answer? thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve written a basic one, which you could add bits on as needed.

Hi @Judgewest2000,

I tested your rich editor days ago and it doesn’t work properly on IOS. I found out two critical errors:

  1. Blur event doesn’t work once you click on contenteditable div. Try to write something inside contenteditable div and then click outside. You will see that cursor position is still there.

  2. Contenteditable pushed under status bar on iOS. Tapping into a contenteditable div on iOS causes the whole content area to be pushed up under status bar on iOS. Doesn’t happen on Android. This is using the default Ionic scrolling.

I hope you can help me because im struggling several days ago :smiley:

Not my findings on both counts. Suspect you have other trickery (css / js) affecting it.

For your own implementation you might be better having it spring up in a modal where there is not much else going on.

Try with ckeditor and read licensed details

Great text editor, thank you.
There is one thing and its minor but maybe you have an idea how to fix this…
The left and right arrow keys do not work.
Unable to navigate through the text with these keys.

Hi Shepard,

No - please elaborate on that if you would. Is running native on a device or web browser / pwa…

Is it Android / iOS / other?
If it is native on one of the above are you using WkWebView / Crosswalk…

Obv I’ve not really done a huge amount of testing with arrow keys what with there not being any arrow keys lol.

And finally - I’m gonna make it a downloadable npm at some point. Are you using it within a page or a modal?

Hi, and thanks for the response.
I am using it in a browser ( chrome ) and with a keyboard. Yes, this is not an issue on devices with no arrow keys.
So, strictly a PWA problem.
I am using it in a page not in a modal.
I have made no modifications.
Otherwise, I really like it!

Took me literally half an hour to create lol surprised no one else has done it.

Thanks for that man.

You never know what’s going to be important and to whom.
I am using it in a custom forum for students in a private course.

I am wondering if the problem is in one of the four listeners eg: onkeyup, etc…