Ionic support for more platforms?

Are there plans for Ionic to support other platforms apart from iOS and Android?
Would love to see support for Amazon and Firefox…

Most likely your app should work on both already. As far as I know, the Ionic team tests their code on multiple browsers. I just tested my app on FireFox using ripple and it worked fine. The one thing you won’t get is their cordova keyboard plugin, but that isn’t required and just makes the experience on iOS and Android better.

Cordova supports both of those platforms, and Ionic is just an angularjs/css/js library that should run on most browsers (maybe not IE, haven’t tested). But webkit browsers (iOS, Android, Amazon which is built on Android, BB10) all have webkit browsers so should work fine. I haven’t tested mobile firefox, but like I said it works on desktop firefox.

I guess your best bet would be to try it out, and report any issues.

Im new to Ionic and realized today I should look at it as a UI framework that sits on top of Cordova that allows you to use AngularJS (big plus BTW :smile: At some point, I will try to add other platforms using the Cordova CLI and test. Thanks.