Ionic Sublime Snippet Plugins


Your Favorite Ionic Snippet Plugin for Sublime Text is back with Version 2.

  • With Lots of Improvement like : CSS based HTML Snippets
  • JS Snippets and
  • Support of all Ionic Themes like dark,royal,assertive etc, on Many

Link :

More than 500 Downloads :). You can download it from Sublime Package Manager or from Github. Thanks.


Check this out Friends. @warish @jdnichollsc @meiding @pgray @rbarriuso

Check this Mike, Perry and Max @mhartington @perry @max May be I am late to party. But Developing this plugin from 3 months and even asked to added to your Site. haha.


Interesting… maybe I should start using Sublime :wink:


@rbarriuso. haha. Thanks to you.


It is great! we need something like this but for IntellijIdea platform!


You should give it a go :slight_smile: Must say once I had played with Sublime for a few days I couldn’t imagine my life with anything else!


Please share this to fellow developers. Because their is one another snippet plugin, which currently is not install-able by Package Manager of Sublime. As a developer, I must say you should use that plugin too. But If you like this plugin please do share it with @imsinghk7 and @ionicframework and #ionicframework hastag on twitter.

You can give me feedback about me plugin, so that I can improve it.

I Hope @edwrede_ZA @rbarriuso @arielgpe You will retweet it.