Ionic Studio does not open on Mac

I have created a new user on my Mac OS High Sierra on a SSD and installed ionic studio on it.
it worked fine for a few days but it won’t open now. The icon appears in dock but it does not open. I reinstalled npm but it did not work. I can open my project in safari using terminal with sudo ionic serve when I cd to my project directory. Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 5.44.05 PM

Ionic Studio is a paid Product so i think you should contact the Support you bought within.

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This is why I keep tilting at this particular windmill so hard.

Nothing in the Ionic development workflow requires elevated privileges. Never ever run anything ionic-related as root or using sudo. When you do this even once, you risk screwing up privileges on key parts of your filesystem, which can be supremely tedious to find and repair, to say nothing of the massive security risks involved by effectively socially engineering yourself into running untrusted code as root.

Once you run things as root once, you will be tempted to keep doing it, because “that’s the only way it works any more”. If you don’t get any better answers, what I would do in your situation is to use Time Machine to revert your machine to a state before you ever ran anything ionic-related under sudo.