Ionic Studio - Check tools

Hi there.
So, I’am after an unsuccesful support ticket. I do not want any offical support but maybe you’ve had the same issue as I did.

I’ve had a strange problem after upgrading to version 0.12.0.
After running Studio splash screen starts showing "getting things ready (about 5 seconds), and then in background task I see Check Tools and progress icon. I thought I need to wait but after a whole night I am pretty sure it stuck.
What’s been done?

  • Windows 10 - up to date.
  • Deleting .ionic\Studio\Tools - nope, folder does not exist.
  • LTS Node version 12.16.2.
  • I am using NVM for permission issues.
  • Powershell execution policy set to remote signed/unrestricted

And now the funny thing. On the same workstation I created a new user account and guess what, Ionic Studio works fine! Any ideas why?

Hi there. The forum is not official support for paid products. Please email support directly.