Ionic Storage - To Stringify or not?

I have a pretty far along Ionic 2 app, and wanted to consolidate services. I took a look at the Ionic Super Starter and liked the Settings provider, but they aren’t stringifying before storing. Which is fine for the example, since its simple key/value storage. Also fine for most under the hood storage tech that the Ionic Storage takes care of for you.

But if I wanted to start storing more complex data with arrays with multiple levels. Then do I pipe directly to Ionic Storage, and not use the Settings provider as is? And if I favor compatibility with LocalStorage by stringifying, am I taking a significant performance hit or missing out on features? Since I’ll need to stringify and parse anytime I interact with Storage.

This app will be available on web, mobile, and hopefully Electron eventually. Interested in everyone’s thoughts and experiences. Thanks

The answer depends on the platform. Ionic Storage is a meta-service that checks a device for available services, and uses one of them. But in general, marshaling to JSON is expensive and often unnecessary, why do it?