Ionic Storage options

Hi all,
I’m making a calculator of sorts and I wanted to explore the possibility of keeping a history, maybe of a specific amount (like 10 most recent), maybe not, that’s not too important.
I’d have a dedicated page with Results which are just numbers, maybe saved by date for example.
I’d like the app to save these values between opening and closing the app and so temporary storage is not an option.
With these results they can ONLY be saved on device and not backed to a database for example.

Any ideas which storage would suit best?
Thanks guys.

Ionic Storage is the perfect one for you:

I’ve been trying to use Ionic Storage and all seems to work ok, but i can’t seem to get the value to display through my HTML.
Checking my console values they’re correct and matching.
I’ll add some of my code any chance you could see if I’m doing something wrong?

result set

    var result = this.risk;'result', result);

    //this.navCtrl.push( HistoryPage, {data: result});

result get

  getValue(result){'result').then((val) => { console.log(val); });

History HTML page to display

        <p class="motivation" > History : {{val}}</p>

Looking at you code ‘val’ is only a parameter of your callback in the promise, it is not a property on your component, therefore there is no way to show it in your html.

Any suggestion on what i should do?