Ionic static menu at bottom without using Tabs component or Custom component

Hello guys,

I have a requirements, please post your suggestion on this.

I need to have static menu at the bottom (similar to Tabs component) of the screen for all the screens. I know that I can create a custom component and place it in all the html templates. But when I use custom component it reloads with every page load because it is inside of every html template. I don’t want to reload the menu with every page load. It should be static outside of all the pages. Only pages should load based on the menu click.

This requirement is similar to Tabs component. I tried Tabs component, but the problem is I can’t design the Tabs layout as per my requirement with custom button and images with some other content along with the menu buttons aside.

Please post your suggestion to overcome this problem. Thanks in advance.

Got a solution for my requirement.