Ionic start myapp maps

According to ionic templates, the maps template is a template with the following descriotion -> “An Ionic starter project using Google Maps and a side menu”.

So, naturally, when I do, ionic start myapp maps, I expect one with a sidebar. But, I end up getting an app with maps with no sidebar. I just wanted to bring this to your attention.

The app works on desktop. ( that you may click various places on the map or drag the map or click the FIND ME locator at the bottom, it all works… )
Other than the missing sidebar, it seems to be OK. But… there are issues when you emulate it.

When I do the ionic emulate ios and wait for the iPhone emulator to initialize, I end up getting an app that does not work at all. It does not respond to anything. It just sits there as if it is frozen.

Is it just me or is this template code have serious bugs?