Ionic Start hangs / does nothing

Hello everyone. I am trying to start learning to use ionic (+node + vue). I am following an youtube tutorial and the official ionic install guide. They say type “ionic start” however it just askes “Use the app creation wizard”. I say “Y” and it just sits there forever. No output.

OS = debian 11
NPM = 9.6.2
Node = v19.8.1
IONIC = 6.20.8

I am running command as a normal user (no sudo command) if that matters. I would appreciate any help that can be provided.

Things worked properly when I added the type variable to the command. Any idea why this is happening to me and not all the tutorials/guides I’ve seen?

Hi, the “Use the app creation wizard” feature was added recently, which is why it is not mentioned in most tutorials/guides.

When you run the ionic start command and select “Y” to use the app creation wizard, it will launch the Create your Ionic App webpage in your browser. From there, you can choose your desired template type and framework. Once you finish, the website will prompt you to close it, and then ionic start command will continue processing.

Alternatively, if you prefer to follow the same steps as the tutorials/guides you found, you can select “N” when ionic start asks if you want to use the wizard. Then, you can choose the template type and framework directly in the terminal.

The official Ionic YouTube channel also has tutorials that cover the ionic start process.

You can use the videos as your references.