Ionic sqlite update query multi attribute [SOLVED]

I am using SQLite database in my ionic 2 project. This is my query:

query(query: string, params: any[] = []): Promise<any> {
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
  try { any) => {
      tx.executeSql(query, params,
        (tx: any, res: any) => resolve({ tx: tx, res: res }),
        (tx: any, err: any) => reject({ tx: tx, err: err }));
      (err: any) => reject({ err: err }));
  } catch (err) {
    reject({ err: err });

The query works fine, except for updating multiple attributes in a row. this is my update query:

this.query('update Participant set x=?, y=? Where ParticipantID = ?', [xValue, yValue, id]);

The update query only works when updating one attribute. updating multiple attributes (like the above update query) doesn’t work and don’t generate any errors. This is because the query can’t match the ParticipantID and supplied id. I know this, because after removing the where clause the query updated all rows with the supplied values. Any suggestion/solution on how to solve this issue will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

This question is solved and the problem was caused due to missing attribute value. Could not delete the post because there was no option.