Ionic + Spring backend copying resources

I am working on a 3 piece project:
ionic mobile
ionic browser

I have my maven project setup so that it can build ionic and build spring, ( the mobile I would build separately - maybe eventually add to the maven parent project ).
My problem is, I want the www/* folder to be copied to the spring/resources/static/ folder before spring gets built. In this way, I have a very similar UI for browser or for mobile, the browser being served up by spring, both mobile and browser call the spring rest api. This works well, but I now have to do a manual copy, and rebuild spring BE.

I’ve done the same thing with straight up spring/angular and all I had to do with that was change the destination folder in the angular.json file for spring. No pb.

I can’t find a similar ‘hook’ to get ionic to copy/move the resources over. I’ve also been trying to work this via maven copy-dependencies, but haven’t really made any progress.

Any one know best way to do this?