Ionic sms link not working

in my html <a href="sms://9171111234" >test link</a></span> this working great, but when i replace phone number with {{phone}} and it’s broke, <a href="sms://{{phone}}" >test link</a></span> anyone know this issue? how can fix this, please help @@

Does {{phone}} get replaced correctly? Can you output the number next to the link?

yes,{{phone}} will output 9171111234, yes next to the link will show sms://9171111234, it is correct output. my tel:// is working, only sms have the problem

seem like something is wrong with core files, when i test on browser link show unsafe:sms://91727371213, so i search online , and finally find the solution for this.
add blow code to app.js
.config([’$compileProvider’, function ($compileProvider) {


so this will make unsafe link to safe link , now everthing working

Maybe you could create a patch or pull request on Github to fix this?