Ionic Slides like functionality using @Page components

Hi, I have made an app which has Ionic slides in it. The main view has Next and previous buttons in the bottom toolbar and they’re used for navigation. But slides is very buggy it has scrolling issues on iOS and also problems input tags in it. I’ve decided to move to Page components and use ionic’s nav system but I’m confused about one thing. For back ionic will use nav.pop which willl basically take the page out of the nav stack. I don’t want that, I want the user to be able to freely press next and go to the next page and press previous and to get back to the previous page without the page popping out of the nav stack with all it’s data. This is because every page has different forms and I don’t want the user losing the data after popping a page, it’s the same functionality as slides and is highly desiable for page-based layouts