Ionic Slides: append a new slide with scope variables binding

Hey Ionites!
here is the plunker demo:

I have this use case where I want to append a slide to ionic slider dynamically after a particular promise resolves.

Appending a pure HTML text to the Slider is very simple. But when I try to bind angular scope variables from my controller using {{}} , they don’t get processed. Please refer the above plunker demo to understand what I mean. Is there any way I could append a slide and I could also use the scope variables?

As a work-around, I have tried ng-repeat instead of appending a new slide. Here is another Plunker showing that:

In this solution I think I have accidentally discovered a new bug. Here the second slide page do not properly follow the CSS styles that are mentioned there. after swiping the slider for the first time, it gets back to the normal behaviour. Have a look at the Plunker to get the clear Idea.

So could anyone please help me out here?
Thank you in advance:)