Ionic slideboxes aren't fullscreen. How to do?

I’m using the slideboxes and each box has a list in it. The lists aren’t all the same height though.

I’d like the positioning dots to be at the bottom of the screen and for the rest of the page to be slide responsive - at the moment I’m using padding to get the dots low enough and where the list is short the part under the list is not slide responsive. Is there a solution to this?

I’m also interested in a better solution to this. I’m just setting a min-height

Really? There is no answer to this?

My issue is I have some “cards” that are swiped through. They have checkboxes on them (love the checkboxes!) and you can check them, reset them or reset the whole “stack”. Works a treat thanks to Ionic if I’m honest.

But the lists are different lengths and so some of them have 3 items and you cannot use the blank space under them to swipe to the next card unless I put a bunch of whitespace (divs or ps) under them. Min-height on the slidebox doesn’t work. I’d ideally like the dots to be at the bottom of the screen with the lists scrollable, (in case I have a really long list on one card) but just having them at the bottom and being able to swipe on the whitespace would be nice!

If you’re looking for the slider to be full screen then I think the best way to go would be to set the slide-box height to 100% using this css:

.slider { height: 100%; }

That’ll anchor the slider-pager dots to the bottom, since by default they’re positioned 20px above the bottom of the slider.

If you’re looking to have content scroll vertically within each of the slides, then you’d use an element within each

Yea, I realized the set the height to be 100% as well. Also, I moved the dots to the top of the page, so I was able to skirt around the issue.

This is amusing. I added my own css rule to all the slliders! I’ve switched to using that css nlschlax, but it didn’t work.

Can I ask - how do you move the dots to the to the top of the page? There isn’t anything in the docs about it.

Here is how you do it.

Hope that helps.

just delete padding in