Ionic-slide and Iframe

I all , there is an issue that drive me crazy …

i’m ussing this code for generating a slide with some iframe tag

<ion-view cache-view="false"> <ion-slides options="data.sliderOptions" slider="data.sliderDelegate" class="padding iframe-wrapper" scroll="true" overflow-scroll="true"> <ion-slide-page ng-repeat="app in applists |"> <div class="box" style="background-color:{{app.color}}"> <iframe data-tap-disabled="true" seamless ng-src="{{TrustUrl(app.url)}}" id="AppFrame"></iframe> </div> </ion-slide-page> </ion-slides> </ion-view>

without the iframe tag it works correctly with the iframe tag there is some issue on visualization and scrolling

the you for help :- :smiley: