Ionic site problem, gulp can't start web server


I just check out ionic-site project from github and want to implement it in my local system.
System: Ubuntu 14.04 desktop

I followed the Local Build instruction to build and start server but not successful.

In ionic-site project directory
jekyll serve (pass without -w option, because system prompt -w is invalid option)

cd serve directory
npm install (pass)

sudo npm install -g gulp (pass)

gulp watch and output:
[gulp] Using gulpfile ~/Workspace/ionic-site-gh-pages/serve/Gulpfile.js
[gulp] Starting ‘watch’…
[gulp] Finished ‘watch’ after 91 ms
[gulp] Live reload server listening on: 35729

But, I can’t open http://localhost:4000/ in browser and if open http://localhost:35729/ output in browser {“tinylr”:“Welcome”, “version”:“0.0.7”}

So I think it doesn’t run web server, is there anything missing in Gulpfile.js?
I never used gulp before, I don’t how to modify Gulpfile.js.
Please help me to start ionic-site in my system, thanks.


I’m with same problem.



python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

Will allow you to access your site http://localhost:8000

I am not super familiar with gulp but I used gulp-connect and added it as a default task point to the www folder. This seemed to work fine.

 gulp.task('connect', function() {
    root: 'www',
    port: 8000,
    livereload: true