Ionic Side menu content is hide when press the keyboard

I used ionic-1 project and inside the side menu(toggle menu) I have rendered one Textbox.
Step 1:
I click the nav icon. Now the side menu is opened.
Step 2:
When i click the textbox inside the side menu keypad is opened.
Now the sidemenu is hide.

(everytime when i press the textbox, keypad is opened and side menu is hide)

Note:This issue occur in android mobile

How to prevent from hiding when focusing the textbox???

Any one know the solution???

Please post a slice of your code…

<ion-side-menu expose-aside-when="large" drag-content="false"> <ion-list-header style="position: relative;top: 50px;"> <input id="searchauto" type="text" /> </ion-list-header> </ion-side-menu>

Try to delete expose-aside-when=“large” and drag-content=“false” and check if it works.

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Thanks a lot… it’s working… But expose-aside-when=“large” when i used this property in desktop the side menu is open by default. when mobile mode it’s hide… so that only i used this… but when i removed this how can i achieve the same?( in desktop mode i need to open the side menu by default)