Ionic side menu changes page layout

Hi all,

I’m trying to implement a pinterest style grid in my application and have encountered a very strage issue.
I’ve implemented this columnar grid in my ionic 3 application.

My problem is after a little bit of scoll, if I open the side menu I get bizzare behavoir on my page.

This is the page view when side menu is closed:

This is how it SHOULD appear when I open the side menu (type is set to push):

This is how it actually looks like:


As you can see, images disapears from the page. Sometimes it disapears completely and sometimes it is just cut.

I thought it has something to do with the columnar grid so I tried replacing it with masonry for angular 2 but I got the exact same behavior…

I’m totally stuck on how to accomplish this.

Any help would be appriciated.



It turns out the problem was with an ion-title i had inside the columnar grid, once I got rid of it - problem was solved!