Ionic share your app on ios platform between users


Hi all ! Could anyone suggest please … how to share app on ios platform between users ? How to give app to person for example for testing ? In Android I can send apk file but what to do with app on ios platform ?


You can use TestFlight:

Another option could be Ad Hoc Provisioning Profiles:


HockeyApp is also an option worth looking into.


ramon,Sujan12, thanks a lot, I will try.


ramon, good day ! Could you suggest please … Do I need to pay US$ 99 (Membership - Apple Developer Program) before useing TestFlight ? I’m a little embarrassed …


@anton_klochko If you want to deploy an app to iOS you will need a developer account at least, so yes it’ll cost you $99. Since testflight is part of iTunes Connect, which can only be accessed and used when holding a developer account, you’ll need to pay the $99.


luukschoen, good day ! As I properly understood if I want to use testflight to share my app for сlients to test … i need to pay $99 ? Free plan dose not exist ?


No it doesn’t. As per Ionic docs about testing:

Testing as a native app
Since we are building a native (or “hybrid”) app, we can (and should!) test it as one. There are several ways to do this. If you are building for iOS, you’ll need to sign up for an Apple Developer account to test as a native app on an iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately, this costs $99 per year (don’t blame us!).

@Gunnarkd yes off course you’re right. Unfortunately for using testFlight you’ll need access to iTunes connect, for which you will need a developer account.


This changed in 2015. You dont need a developer account on xcode anymore, only a valid appleId. Not too familiar with the other services mentioned here, but at least for xcode you dont need to pay


luukschoen,Gunnarkd, thanks … understood.