Ionic SetUp

I was a newbie and had created a mobile application around 2 years ago based on the latest ionic framework at that time (ionic-v3). I wish to make changes in the same application instead of migrating it to the latest ionic due to too many code changes. I fail to remember the version of the node framework that I used since I upgraded it later. Can someone please guide me with the best environment setup for ionic v3 for ex : the version of node to be installed that goes with ionic v3 (the latest version of node gives me some problems with ionic-3) etc. Any small help will be greatly appreciated.

The CLI that does the building and is therefore sensitive to environmental things like node versions and whatnot is independent of the framework version. The same modern CLI you would install globally is capable of working on framework v3 apps, so I would suggest simply not worrying about any of this and just going with what npm i -g ionic gives you. In general, I recommend the latest LTS of node.