Ionic serve: Watch changes lead to "Maximum call stack size exceeded" in rc0

When doing changes in .ts files and watch detects changes and rebundles, i get the following error in the console:


It seems to work though and livereload jumps in and i see the changes in the app. This error can’t be good though…


Same Problem here!!

Same here. Hope this would be fixed soon.

Me too, do github issues for this go against ionic-cli or ionic? I’m guessing cli but the build scripts/npm might be something else.

I opened this

If you guy have any information about this error, comment there

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It has a fix now

how can i apply the fix?

If you know javascript you can change watch.js script. See the commit in above link.
Otherwise, wait for new release.

Also, if it was already merged you can clone.

Applied the fix… just upgrade my @ionic/app-scripts to version 0.0.27… but, the problem still persist… after getting any error from my application code, this maximum call stack error is getting thrown and break the watcher…

Yes, I applied the fiw before it get merged, so I guessed that was something I code wrong…

But at least, compared to 0.0.23 version, my memory consumption is better. I started a new procject with 0.0.23 and it was impossible to work on it because of watch.

Keep tracking the issue or the previous fix for new fix updates

where can i find the watch.js script?


But you don’t need to change manually, you can update ioni-script for the latest or a specific version

Is this error fixed by anyone …?
Facing same problem here :