Ionic serve --lab showing blank black screen

Ionic serve --lab showing blank black screen on chrome
I have latest ionic version & using that i have created a sidemenu basic app and then tried ionic serve --lab but its not working

This is the error shown in chrome console
Cannot GET /build/ionlab/ionlab.yaqofr8d.js

Essaye de couper le ionic serveur puis tu relance ionic serve quand tu est sur ta page localhost tu mets /ionic-lab
Ça a finctionné pour moi quand j’ai écran noir

thank you…!!! it worked but its an alternative solution, need to know why that happened with ionic serve --lab

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:
it may be just a problem of speed of compilation.
me it does not bother me more than that so I look no further.
good reason for the continuation. :wink: