Ionic serve command not refreshing changes on the code

Hello everyone. I’m currently trying to tinker a bit with this app that adds a leaflet map to ionic 2:
but whenever I use Ionic serve and save the changes on any of the pages, instead of refreshing the page with my changes, it stays the same, making it impossible to work with. Any of you know why this happens?
Instead of the common output of ionic serve, this is what appears on my command line;
also, if I try to run the command
$ ionic install ng_module
the whole project crashes and become impossible to run.
Thank you very much.

Problem solved, I used the command
npm install
and now it refresh everything, but I dont really understan what happened. Any ideas?

You downloaded a sample project. This project includes a packages.json that defines all the libraries the project uses. Executing npm install downloads and installs these libraries - including Ionic, Angular etc. So only after running npm install the project was complete. (Have a look at the content of node_modules - there are so many files and folders that it would increase the size of a project download very much so this is handled by npm.)

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