Ionic Seed keep tabs bar


@max Is it possible to keep the tabs bar (footer) on all screens?
For me it is a little bit strange to see the bar disappear since it’s supposed to be the main navigation of an app.


@MrJean I see what you mean. So, you want the navigation to happen inside of one of the pages of the tab? That should be possible, I’ll have to play with it a bit.


Alright! Thx!
I’m currently working on a small case where I’m trying to emulate the SMS/messages screen from iOS with Ionic.
Maybe that would be a good tutorial?


Sure, that would be cool. It’s got a lot of list interaction stuff that would be a good stress test!


Also in need of this.


Also in need of this + 1


This is coming super soon (like, this week or next), thanks everyone!


Is this already out ? If yes, kindly share the details here.

Advance Thanks to all Ionic team members.


It should work fine if you use the latest seed app.