Ionic run with -l or without -l is different?


when i use ionic cli

ionic run -l

the result is right.(like below)

but when i use cmd

ionic run

the app is running in a real device,but ,something is wrong(like below)


I hope the image path is wrong. I faced the same issue, when i was using Webstorm editor. It gives hints to the image folder and the file. It runs fine in local, but it wont show images, when we build it.

Example : The below image path will work fine, while testing locally. If we start with ../, the IDE gives the hints till the image name. But this does not show up any images in the build.
<img src="../img/image1.png" alt="Image"/>
But the following will work both in local as well as in the build/device.
<img src="img/image1.png" alt="Image"/>

This could be one scenario. But there could be some other issue.


yes,thanks .u are absolutely right. I fix this problem .the path is a confuse problem. Could u tell how do u know the method? When i faced the problem ,i even do not know the debug method ,when i build it ,it is a apk file . could tell me some tools to test app installed in device.


When i faced this issue, only thing came in my mind is some thing wrong with the path and i changed the path and tried, and it was working fine. If you have android devices you can enter chrome://inspect/#devices in the chrome browser URL. Here you will be able to see the devices connected to your system. Then click on the inspect for the selected device. Then it will open the developer tools window, there you will find a mobile icon on top right corner. If you click on it then you can see the changes live. You can edit the code and see the changes immediately.

May be this video will help you to some extent.