Ionic run error with genymotion

I want to debug the app with genymotion. I follow this link, but when I use ionic run I encounter this error

Error: Android SDK not found. Make sure that it is installed. If it is not at the default location, set the ANDROID_HOME environment variable.

First of all, I install genymorion in D drive as my OS in C drive has very limited drive space left.

How shall I do to eliminate the issue?

Before you can use genymotion or any android emulator, you must install first the android sdk.
the android sdk is use by the ionic/corodova to package/build your html/js/ts to a working “.APK”

please follow this guide here

I do have an android studio SDK in D:/adk-tools directory.

And my ionic app directory is D:/myapp/

So how shall it properly do? Please advice

Check if it is added as a variable on your environment.

Right click mycomputer->properties->advanced system settings->Advanced-Environment Variables
See the “system variables” check if their is an “ANDROID_HOME” with a value of your sdk location which is D:/adk-tools directory.

If there is,try to check if it is working:
open command prompt, type adb

  • you must see “android debug bridge version …etc…”

If NO,then you must add it as "ANDROID_HOME"
please see this as reference on how to add

Thanks ralphskie
Is it the highlighted is “system variables”?

Click New… and enter the variable name and value

what is to put in variable name and value?
variable name = ANDROID_HOME"
and variable is the path?

yes thats it…after that test if you can issue an “adb” command in command prompt

Still have the same errors after all the steps

call adb has no problem to load

The path for “ANDROID_HOME” set

In genymotion, I also try to set with the adb path. Either default or custom android SDk gave the same error

what do I missing?

I also try with set ANDROID_HOME=D:\sdk-tools-windows-3859397\ and set PATH=%PATH%;%ANDROID_HOME%\tools;%ANDROID_HOME%\platform-too‌​‌​ls but still return same error.

any idea?

I had a very problem when I installed android sdk in my D drive instead of C. I couldnt solve the problem for a really long time. Drove me crazy. In the end I uninstalled the sdk and installed it in my C drive. After that everything worked flawlessly.

unfortunately, I run out of space in C.

I have add path but still return the same error and ANDROID_HOME path change to root