Ionic run android or ionic build android builds the wrong app


When I build or run an app from my app directory with the following commands ionic build android or inonic run android. Always the wrong app is build. I see an app with playlists I think any default app or something. Can’t figure out how to build or run my current app.

example do the following steps:

c:\users\martijn\documents\visual studio code\ionic start testapp blank

c:\users\martijn\documents\visual studio code\testapp\ionic run android

gives me always a default app with playlists, can’t understand why? When I do ionic serve I get always my current app what is OK!

Can somebody help??

kind regards

Were you able to solve this? I’m having the same problem.

I make exactly the same project direct under C:\testapp and then it starts working. Now it builds the app that I create.