Ionic roadmap?



Is there an open roadmap somewhere ?

I am particularly interested to learn more about the dev tools. Right now outside of the box, it’s not so agile in term of development. You explicitly need to build your css out of your sass files, you cant start a server to run your app in your browser for quick iteration with live reload using the ionic CLI yet Ionic does pull gulp bower and the like so it should have all the necessary tools to make this happen.

Is it something on the Roadmap or is it out of the scope and best to use Yeoman and the like ?

Similarly, I read that ionic has its own CLI because the aim is to provide build in the cloud for example. One feature that interest me is being able to push updates of my apps to my end users directly like reload feature do. Is it something you are considering ?

Thanks !


Right now there are no open roadmaps other than the milestone page on github.

Taken from @Calendee:

The Ionic team is generally reluctant to announce any future dates. We have no specific guidance.

“We will serve no wine before it’s time” revised to :

“We will release no code before it’s time, lest it leads to lots of whine”.