Ionic reverts to an older version on my development device after a while

I’m having a huge issue with Ionic that I’m not able to get any answers in regards to a resolution.

I’m developing an Ionic 4 app using Firebase. I’m plugging my Android into my MAC and running ionic cordova run android to deploy to my Samsung to test it on the device. What’s been happening the last month is when I make code updates and deploy, it will randomly revert back to an older deployment on my phone. So when I open it again it won’t have any of the new features I’ve added. This is really frustrating and I haven’t gotten any answers on Ionic’s site. And not to mention I get this email from Ionic that I don’t know what it means given I’m only deploying to my phone.

Congratulations on growing your app user base. We’re thrilled to see your continued growth and success in the app stores!
This email is to notify that you’ve reached 70% of your Deploy limit. Here’s a summary of your current plan and usage:
Current plan: Starter
Monthly Deploy limit with your current plan: 100
Current monthly Deploy count: 63
To reflect and support your ongoing growth, you will need to upgrade your subscription to the Starter Add-On. This will increase your Deploy limit tier to10000, allowing you to continue to push to your entire monthly active user base.