Ionic Refresh Current Page


Don’t do reload(), it messes things up down the road like sqlite plugin and possibly other internal states outside the webview

If there is a problem with change detection by angular (which may also indicate a design issue), wrap your stuff in a zone so angular knows what to monitor.

Dont go calling internal onWillEnter etc.


somehow doesn’t seem to work, this was my first attempt too…


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Guys, checkout this helpful video I found which shows how to do pull-to-refresh a page in ionic application:

Auto-Refresh on Event Triggering

Add the following code by @dupinder:


Pipe doesn't work on home page

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HugoPetla, maybe look at zones…
I had same issue with bluetooth app specifically.


Worked like a charm for me :smiley:


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this.navCtrl.setRoot(this.navCtrl.getActive().component); is work fine in android but not working on IOS for me. when we use for IOS app is going to Crashed .
Please Help


Its dirty hack but it does what I need (to reset a file input which honestly also wasn’t 100% member of the Angular loop). Thank you.