Ionic rect disable side menu on login and register page

Hi there, in starting to use ionic react I’m trying to disable the side menu on register and login page but I have not got any luck. Can you guys point me in the right direction?

... other page components
{ authenticated ? <Menu/> : null }

or what i have done in my example is not even render the router that contains the menu when the user isn’t authenticated

if (!authInfo || !authInfo.initialized) {
    return (
        <IonLoading isOpen={true} />
  } else {
    return (
          {authInfo?.loggedIn === true ? (
              <IonSplitPane contentId="main">
                <Menu />
                <IonRouterOutlet id="main">
                  <Route path="/page/:name" component={Page} exact />
                  <Route path="/tabs" component={TabRootPage} />
                  <Redirect from="/" to="/tabs" exact />
          ) : (
              <Route path="/login" component={LoginPage} exact />
              <Redirect from="/" to="/login" exact />

See full app and source code here :

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Thanks for your response @aaronksaunders Im using firebase as my backend. your approach put me in the right direction. I’ll check how to make it work with firebase.