[Ionic] - realize a calendar view

Hi !

I must realize for my a mobile app where people can offer their service, and the other user, after search, choose the user that correspond the must and choose availability in these given by the user choose.

My problem is to realize the system of availability, i wanted that the user, on his profile page, can give his disposability by choose time slot in a calendar.

So i found this : http://embed.plnkr.co/ec5ksTHfSBEVs1BqBm6O/

But i dont know how to get the time slot selected ?

On the other hand, i don’t how to make a view where a user who want request an other for his service by choose this disponilility that will look like this :

But I have no idea, how can i realize this with calendar UI

So if you have other example of calendar UI that can help me , thanks !