Ionic react takes for ever to re-compile

i’ve just started a new ionic-react project.
it takes few seconds to start using ionic -serve command-.
but when i try to edit any simple thing and save it, then -[react-scripts] Compiling…- takes for ever to finish.
what i did is as follow:
create new ionic app using -ionic start- then choose react type and tabs template.
open the created project in visual studio code and run -ionic serve- it works normally.
then in src/pages/Tab3.tsx i just change Tab 3 to Tab 33.
trying to save it and it never end compiling.
here are used versions:
npm: ‘6.13.4’,
ionic 5.4.16,
Node.js 12.14.0.
any help please?

what kind of computer are you on? I have not noticed any issues on multiple devices.

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hp zbook 15
core i7 vpro CPU
Windows 10 pro