Ionic React Tabs disable swipe back

I am looking for a way to disable the swipe back gesture between tabs in Ionic React. I have seen that it is possible with Angular and that it is possible to disable the swipe back gesture for the whole app using setupConfig in React.
But I just want to disable it on the tab pages and not on the pages without tabs.

Any ideas are highly appreciated!

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I saw this, but it is only usable for Android and I need a solution for IOS, PWA and Android.

I figured out that on ionic/react versions before 5.3.0 the back swipe between tabs doesn’t switch the screen back to the previous tab.
In my opinion this is the intended behavior since I don’t know any app where a back swipe triggers the previous tab to open.
So it would be very nice, if you could either reimplement the tab swipe behavior of <v5.3.0 or if you could make it an attribute where the developer can choose how to tread back swipes on tabs.

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Did you ever find a solution?