Ionic React: Sqlite Plugin Stuck When `minifyEnabled true`


The SQLite plugin has a problem when minifyEnabled from proguard is true.

This is the plugin SQLite | Install Cordova SQLite Plugin for iOS and Android Apps.

It stuck when opening the database:

new transaction is queued, waiting for open operation to finish

From this code:

this._db = win.sqlitePlugin.openDatabase({name: dbName, location: 'default'});

If I disable the minifyEnabled false, everything works fine.

Here is my proguard config:

# ionic
-keep class com.ionicframework.cordova.webview.** {*; }
-keep class com.ionicframework.cordova.webview.*

# Your App id like:  ''
-keep class com.digilifesoftware.financeplanner.BuildConfig { *; }

The config above does not affect anything.