Ionic PWA increasing cache storage


See above image, When I am running web app (IONIC PWA). It increasing cache storage on every refersh and every page loading. Why?

I have enabled service worker too. Can anyone help please. Cache storage increase by 200 mb approx. on every load.

Also PWA is not building using --prod flag. Dev build builind successfully. Anyone help please. urgent.


Same problem here.

The cache storage is increasing too much and it is causing a Quota Exceeded Error.


Maybe change the maxAgeSeconds of the cache in the service worker will solve the problem:

 * Check out for
 * more info on how to use sw-toolbox to custom configure your service worker.

'use strict';

self.toolbox.options.cache = {
  name: 'ionic-cache',
   maxAgeSeconds: 60*8,
  //maxEntries: 2

// pre-cache our key assets

// dynamically cache any other local assets
self.toolbox.router.any('/*', self.toolbox.networkFirst);

// for any other requests go to the network, cache,
// and then only use that cached resource if your user goes offline
self.toolbox.router.default = self.toolbox.networkFirst;


Is this working for you?


Still testing.

But it seems to have decreased the amount of storage used.


Not working at mine side.